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SwapGear was conceptualized in end of 2016 by three friends who shared a common love In their opinion, the major pain while buying motorbikes is the time spent on maintaining their bikes and visiting the ASC (Authorized Service Centre) or the FNG (Friendly Neighborhood Garage) for repairs or regular service visits. This lead to the birth of an idea which is ‘SwapGear’

We believe that convenience & time are most important pillars in today’s world. Being bikers ourselves, we understand that getting our bikes serviced in hectic schedules has become a pain now as we need to stand for hours outside service stations for our new bikes. Later, when it becomes old (though our love for her never changes) we drop it off to local shops to save time & money.

Hence, we are almost never present when our vehicles are repaired and then fret upon the sub-standard work of the ASCs and the FNGs. The various inadequacies noticed during such services are:

● Service not completed in the time estimated.

● Actual cost is more than the estimated cost, parts which have not been put in the bike are billed nonetheless, and exuberant prices being charged.

● Filth/ Grime/ Dirt still not cleaned to satisfy our heart’s desire.

● Original parts being replaced by fake ones.

Such shortfalls during service/ repair crop up due to a single issue –

At Swapgear, we understand your love for the bikes & all your needs are valuable to us. We believe to automate & be transparent in providing all services at better costs with best of our mechanics who can make your bike look brand new after every service. We aim to provide you best services at your convenience because your bike deserves no less.

The customer’s bike is treated as a customer’s bike

But, for the SWAPGEAR team – YOUR BIKE is OUR BIKE

We can pickup your bike, get it serviced, and return it to you in immaculate, pristine condition. We aim to be the #1 online bike repair and maintenance service that assures to simplify your bike ownership by taking care of the maintenance troubles for you through our simple booking process(s), secure and varied payment gateways, and competent pricing.

Our Service Personnel

Our team of service personnel are well trained professionals with the sole aim of taking care of your bike’s maintenance needs in the fastest, cleanest and most efficient way possible. Our team takes into account the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines, which come enumerated in the service manual of your bike and carries out the service/ repair using the latest technology and tools.