Benefits of Routine Bike Maintenance

You should treat your bike as your friend and not your vehicle

Keeping your motorcycle maintained allows you to enjoy your rides with fewer worries about breakdowns.

If you own a bike, there’s no better feeling than hitting the open road on a warm, sunny day. But before embarking on your next adventure, it’s important to remember that just like other machines, bikes also need maintenance to function at their optimum best.

Here are few of the ways in which you can show your bike that you actually care for her-

Under-inflated tyres have an adverse effect on handling and braking of the bike.

Similarly, over inflation is not good for the tyres either. It reduces the area of contact with the road and thus has an impact on the grip.

Keep your bike tyres inflated to the manufacturer recommended pressure to avoid these problems.

An engine contains moving parts, and due to the contact of metal with metal, the moving parts generally wear over time. Such worn out bits of metal may lead to contamination of the engine. Oil precisely does the job of providing lubrication and avoiding this contamination for a certain period of time.

Engine Oil should be changed as per the recommendations of the Manufacturer as listed in your bike manual. The density and type of oil to be used is also described in the manual. Change your engine oil to keep your engine health optimum and your bike running effectively.

Batteries in most bikes are located under the seat or the gasoline tank. It is therefore not surprising that the battery is much neglected when it comes to routine maintenance.

When a battery is discharged, it usually means the end of their life. So, routine checks must be made on the charging status of the battery.

Locate the drain plug near the water pump. With the engine cold stone, remove it to drain the coolant. Always check the bike manual to ensure that you follow the correct procedure for your bike.

The oiling and adjusting the cables of your bike can do wonders for making them more flexible and more responsive.

You will instill the soul of a jet in your bike with the right kind of grease in the right places. Work your way around the bike with the lubrication grease spray, footrests, hinges, levers, locks, hinges, and stand, and as we have mentioned previously, cables.  But always be careful to never spray anywhere near the brakes.

Washing your vehicle regularly is the best way to maintain that ‘brand-new’ look, especially in winter, when the salt is corrosive on the roads.

Why Bikers love riding the Bikes

Bikers are obviously, madly passionate about their bikes – be it their own or anyone else. For them, it is not simply a basic means of commuting. Why is it that they like to bike?

Here’s why they seem to be so crazy for the bikes-

1) The Discovery

We are all busy with our hectic routines and riding a bike is a way to escape the monotony in our daily lives which in turn slowly becomes a spiritual experience for the riders. It gradually transforms into a form of self-therapy.

2) Rejuvenation

Biking is a great way to rejuvenate oneself. Riding a bike in a good weather is the best way to forget all the worries in life and get a happy mind and body.


3) The reason and the power to live

It gives you a reason to live happily. Imagine having a lot of power in your hand. Say, 30 CH (power brake on a motorcycle)? Or 180 CH? No problem. When you are a fervent motorcycle fanatic, the power is only a number. But be careful because “with great power comes great responsibility”.

4) Discover and explore the invisible

You explore new places as you go on a bike trip every time. Our goal is to explore the  nature and beauty around us. Any destination covered , say , a desert, a lake or hills,  has a new angle to it which is best covered with a free mind on a free ride .

5) The freedom

Freedom is important to everyone. If someone is deprived from this innate right, he will definitely feel as if he is not a respectful human being. Riding a bike gives us that sense of freedom to live every moment, feel every breadth while on that ride .

6) The brotherhood between the bikers

There are many different definitions for the word Brotherhood. You can find brotherhood almost everywhere you go in businesses, fraternities, family, and everyday life. But the kind of brotherhood and trust the bikers share is nowhere to be seen, it is a bond that they share no matter where they are riding.

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